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The last year, 1985, of the Cleveland photos of Zsuzsu, at age 18. My camera used has since retired.

8 July 2004



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Here I liked her contour against the sky along with the greenery.


To show most of a portrait in deep shadow, as at a window here, is feared by many in taking pictures, but it can be quite effective.


Another picture at the window. I am concerned about matters like the distinction in tone between the profile and its background.

For the next two images I used the full width of the page again because of their panoramic views and greater detail. In the one immediately below I liked to once again show the figure up high contrasted with the, now blue and lightly clouded, sky and the rest of the landscape.


In the second large picture above, taken the next day, she wore, as in the remaining pictures, a black dress with a nice modern design. I liked the black and white, a good foil for other colors, like those of the child above. We were at Lake Erie, which adds to the background.

At left she forms another backlit figure, with the shimmering water behind.


On the pier in the far-left picture the black post offered an additional pivot for the light colors around and her lovely posture. I cropped these two images into suitable elongated ones.

The last picture, taken with the camera by her mother, includes me and took place at the airport before my flying back home. I looked for a neutral background that puts the figures in relief.


7 March 2005. Below I am adding a picture I took March 1st last week—one day before my 79th birthday—with a little Kodak digital camera I used for such as the movie posters on this website. The view is from my window after one of the most picturesque snowfalls I may have seen. I cropped away on the left an ugly parking lot, which only distracts from the scene.


2 May 2005. It is two months after the preceding picture that I today took the following one. The sun was nice enough this morning to shine for my convenience on the tree, on the remaining bicycle, etc., leaving the background shaded. The tree is only beginning to sprout its leaves this spring day. The gray car seems to stand there since winter.


14 July 2005. It seems a nice idea to continue the seasonal photos out of my window, this time for the summer, taken three days ago. The cars changed, appearing now red, white and blue, but there is the ever-present bicycle. The house on the left is adding more to the greenery.


7 November 2005. The picture below of yesterday, a Sunday, completes the four seasons out of my window. The "grayscale" street and cars at bottom seem to set off the golden foliage.


14 November 2005. It seems I might add the below second fall photograph, of two days ago, Saturday morning around 7 o'clock. The sun fortuitously shone on the trees from the east, with a few other results of the sun, like its reflection on the white car.


15 February 2006. I know I am going around in circles adding below another winter scene, but this one is good not to miss. It's of the now famous record-breaking 2006 snowstorm last Sunday, on Lincoln's birthday. This was taken in the morning, when the downfall was still heavy.


16 March 2006. My pictures of the four seasons out of my window may be over, but I noticed a new opportunity for more out of my window. I have gotten used to watching high-rises being built further east, and a couple of days ago I suddenly noticed how wonderfully picturesque a new construction with a crane next block is, along with the other buildings. Yesterday then I took the two pictures, the much more dramatic one at left in the morning, and the more colorful one at right in the afternoon. The buildings in my block are a bit dilapidated and give an interesting contrast to the newer structures in the distance. There is a joke going around that New York City will be nice when finished, the idea being that the constructions go on without end.


16 May 2011. This definitely looks like I am showing off, but I hope it will be understood as wanting to show that one can be in good bodily shape at my age, 85, by suitable exercising. This photo, taken today, replaces one of last year.


The exercising I do is no more than simple pull-ups (with a bar fastened in a doorway), squatting, push-ups, and "leg-ups" (raising one's straightened legs while lying on one's back—this is much more effective for the abdomen than the publicized "sit-ups"). I use a weighted vest for more resistance, but good results are possible without it.


This may be counter to some advice by doctors, but I would discourage hectic methods like jogging, treadmills, or like aerobics. They rely on inertia, the property of continued motion without effort, and instead burden the heart rather than strengthening the body.






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