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Paul Vjecsner



Below is a continuation of a "realistic" style, from work done (in Denver) for a Nebraska company publishing "review-workbooks" that help schoolteachers in various subjects.

21 March 2005



PHOTOGRAPHY, continued1, 2, 3, 4

PORTRAITURE, continued1, 2, 3

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AUTOBIOGRAPHY, continued1, 2, 3, 4


This is an enlarged illustration from the cover of a promotional booklet. I enlarged it because details again tended to be lost, and with the original halftone screen not very fine, there appears a somewhat coarse texture. It may be evident that this was painted in watercolor. Somehow the wholesome smiling faces of the fifties seem refreshing today.


The next two images at left depict a change in the logo, or emblem, for the company. The old black & white one was of course not by me, but I think it rather nicely done.


I was given to "modernize" it in the two-color one. I think I hid my VJ in the braid of the little girl, not that I think my drawing superior.


These are drawings from inside a brochure for this company. They are in pen and ink without any tonality, giving them a decorative flavor. My VJ low in the third drawing. They symbolize, in reading order, the subjects of science, arithmetic, health and physiology, geography, history and civics, spelling and word study, language and grammar, and music.


Next below is another pen and ink drawing, printed in color and quite enlarged here, at least from the printed version at my disposal. It was made for National Fur News, "The Mink Rancher's Own Magazine", on the occasion of a visit of queen Elizabeth II to the United States, when she received the gift of a mink coat at the British embassy in Washington.

2 October 2003


It gave me the opportunity to draw different animals, which I liked to do early. As evident, the drawing depicts the friendship between Britain and the United States, the two symbolized by the lion and eagle, with the mink below representing the gift. The poor little animal seems overpowered by the others.



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