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One more page of work for the ASPCA. The black and white panels seen next were for an article titled "Veterinary medicine down through the ages". The two columns were on facing pages, and therefore the progression through centuries is depicted in downward direction, the first column followed by the second.

When alternating between black and white backgrounds, I may have been thinking of ancient amphoras, reddish clay vases that were decorated in black during black-figure and red-figure periods, with the background the opposite color.

22 June 2006



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What follows are illustrations from a special insert, titled "This is the ASPCA", in an issue of their magazine. It described the activities of the organization and was printed on special yellow stock.


The first two drawings concern the ASPCA's animal hospital. A similar scene to the one at left was shown on top of the previous page.


This subject was also shown on top of that page, as well as in the last black&white panel directly above.

Several times a day they come to the rescue of animals in the city (the organization is located in New York).


They also rescue wild animals, sometimes lost in the city. I variously enlarged pictures again, depending on the details. The smiling faces seem just part of the commercial-art trade, and they don't do much harm.


During the summer two trucks dispense cool water to hot, thirsty horses throughout the City (quoted verbatim).


At New York International Airport, now known as JFK, the ASPCA had an "Animalport" (I don't find it in the phonebook now) in which airborne animals were taken care of for varying periods of time.


Special agents (one seen at left) who wear uniforms like those of the New York Police watch for cruelty to animals at all special events like circus performances.


They had some animal shelters outside New York City, with various services.


The ASPCA is also entrusted in the City with dog licensing.


The Humane Education Department has classes of school children and their teachers.


Training is given to dogs and their owners, who learn how to continue training their dogs.