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Paul Vjecsner



This should be my last commercial-art page, made up of miscellany.

3 July 2006



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I thought everything on this page was done at my last job, in New York, but I found that these two panels—which I picked out of several, not all figurative—were part of advertising of a metal lawn-care product (the function of which I don't know) for a company based in Denver, where I then did the work.


A brochure done for Good Housekeeping, offering publications on various subjects.

The drawings at left concern, in reading order, food & cooking, appliances & homecare, brides & brides-to-be, fashion & beauty, needlework & sewing, decorating & building, small children, and building again. Somehow these would not totally harmonize with today's feminism.



A booklet on jet safety for the Air Transport Division of the Transport Workers Union.

The first drawing is about protection against noise; the second about radar hazards, like igniting of fuel; the third is about flat-tire trouble; the fourth about landing-gear doors; and the last, below, about jet suction.


"18th Annual National Printcraft Bowling Association Tournament" is what this 1960 cover says. I don't know why the historic garb, but it is appealing to draw.


Maybe this holiday greeting of the Coffee Brewing Institute is a fitting finish.



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