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My job in Denver included more occasions for drawing buildings, and I am using this page, probably the last one for Colorado, to show from that work.

16 November 2005



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The newspaper ad at left should be self-explanatory. Below are larger images of the illustrations, the last one, of the "Mile High Center", showing the building seen photographed on an earlier page as the location of a commercial art exhibit.

Lastly I am adding illustrations of buildings, of hotels to be more specific, advertised by the city of Denver in a loose-leaf book form inviting visitors to the named Convention City of the West. Unlike the preceding drawings, done in flat tones with overlays for the tints, the below are pen and wash; that is, watercolor is used directly on the line drawings.

This should then be the last page on work I did in Denver.

21 November 2005


The probably best known Denver hotel, the Brown Palace, is mainly the building on the right; the left one, Brown Palace West, was I think completed after I had left. The old building is three-cornered with a nice atrium inside.


Another larger hotel in Denver, named, as seen in small size over the right entrance, Cosmopolitan.

This hotel, named Webb & Knapp after who I think were the developers, was then under construction and was to be the largest.
One more of the larger ones, Shirley Savoy. At first I was unable to find my signature with the drawings on this page, but while preparing the images, I spotted my VJ here, faintly visible left of the car near the corner.
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