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The following picture is of a newspaper ad for the Colorado guest ranch concerned on the preceding page. It evidently is meant to have what has been called "snob appeal", and for this occasion, as well as for the colored advertising underneath, I used a fashion style.

5 April 2005



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In contrast to the last drawings, the illustration here is done with brush alone, as is the word "Rendezvous". At bottom of the ad is seen as emblem the trophy of an elephant's head pictured in a photograph on the preceding page.
Below next is likewise a newspaper ad, but somewhat the opposite of the last, in a humorous drawing of a cowboy, though not unrelated to the idea of the ranch.

Part of a cover of a brochure for a savings and loan association, informing of its locations in known shopping centers.

On this page, it may be noticed, I did not shrink from including my signature on each of the images (at other times, of course, a signature may have been unwanted by the customer).



In keeping with the humorous tone of the preceding rodeo ad, I am including these two other newspaper ads. The drawings differ in style, the left one including hand-lettering, but the layouts are similar.

Following are two more newspaper ads with humorous drawings in the vein of the last one. The company employing me did also a lot of work for Mountain States Telephone, their offices in Denver, and the two ads below are some of what I did in that regard. As evident, on the far right are drawings from the center image of a very vertical ad.


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